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Growth and Biology of African Raptors

Gabar is the journal of the Birds of Prey Programme (BoPP) of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). We invite scientists, researchers, raptor enthusiasts, and casual observers to submit papers, reports, notes, observations, and ideas concerning African raptors. Our mission is to benefit and promote raptor conservation in Africa by reporting information on all aspects of raptor biology that ultimately contributes towards the survival of these birds. We aim to keep people interested in the conservation of African birds of prey, and up to date on recent research and news in all areas of African raptor biology and conservation.

The Birds of Prey Programme is committed to the conservation of natural populations of di¬urnal and nocturnal raptors and vultures in southern Africa through the initiation and support of research, conservation, and education programs based on scientific and sound conservation principles. A number of field conservation projects have been set up all over South Africa and work is focused on awareness, population monitoring, conflict resolution, and habitat stabilisa¬tion. A high media profile is maintained and used as a means of communicating the message of raptor and vulture conservation to the general public. The ultimate goal of BoPP is to ensure an environment in which healthy populations of birds of prey will be able to live in harmony with mankind in a sustainable manner. All projects are administered by the Manager and Senior Project Officer at the Endangered Wildlife Trust headquarters situated in Modderfontein, Johannesburg. Annual subscription fees cover the maintenance of a web platform for the dissemination of Gabar and the subscription costs of Vulture News. The Eagle’s Eye Newsletter is a newsletter reporting on recent BoPP activities and events related to raptor and vulture conservation is available for download from the EWT’s website. Information pertaining to BoPP subscription may be obtained from:

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Guidelines to authors
Gabar is the journal of the Birds of Prey Working Group, of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, and publishes original articles (including distributions and range contractions/expansions, behaviour, breeding, feeding, movements, measurements and plumage, habitat), reports, literature reviews, checklists and surveys, specialist bibliographies and any other material relevant to the field of raptor biology and conservation. Authors should attempt to compile reader-friendly articles accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike, using UK spelling. Contributions must be written in English, but may include a summary in an alternate language. While we consider reviewing papers before posting (to maintain some level of quality) we express that the views of each article are not those of the EWT, BoPP, or the editors.